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WordHoo Educational Games for Kids, Boys, Girls (7 Years Up). Fun

Quick overview:

  • INNOVATIVE: WordHoo is the ultimate word game with a refreshingly innovative twist and unique ZAP cards. It has a simple premise: make words, use ZAP cards wisely and be the first player to get rid of all cards in hand but the real joy of the game lies in strategizing your way to victory.

  • TEACHERS FAVORITE: Highly recommended by teachers and played in schools. WordHoo keeps kids entertained, engaged and enables learning at the same time.

  • REINFORCES LEARNING: A fun brain game to keep the grey cells active and boost intelligence, Vocabulary, Forward thinking, Strategic thinking, Structured thinking, Problem solving, Social skills, Focus and attention.

  • FAMILY GAME: Quick to learn, easy-to-follow rules & fun to play for all ages - 7 years to adults, WordHoo has quickly become a family favourite game. Educational, challenging and fun for children as well as adults. For 2 - 5 players (more when combined with additional deck).

  • INCLUDES: 66 high quality poker size cards - 56 letter cards + 10 zap cards, 1 instruction sheet and a plastic tray which doubles as deck keeper.


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Rs 399 Price:

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Product description

WordHoo is an educational card game about words, vocabulary, strategy and intelligence.

WordHoo is designed to strengthen the connection between Fluid Intelligence (ability to solve problems logically by identifying patterns and relationships in abstract elements) and Crystallized Intelligence (ability to quickly access information from long term memory, use skills, knowledge and experience to reason with words and/or numbers).

In addition, the game mechanics seamlessly work to enhance 3 key skills; Forward Thinking, Cognitive Adaptability and Structured Thinking.

Forward Thinking: Deciding each next move requires children to analyze cards in hand/current situation, think ahead & make decisions.

Cognitive Adaptability: During the game-play, children are continuously exposed to rapidly changing situations and are expected to absorb new stimulus at each turn, adapt and respond in the best possible way.

Structured Thinking: While playing, children essentially take disjoint pieces of information and try to piece them together to find solution to the problem at hand. Playing and winning the game requires putting a methodology to thinking process. For example;

  • Do I have any prefixes or suffixes in hand?
  • Do i have vowels to use the prefixes/suffixes?
  • If I need letter 'M' to make a word, how many 'M' cards does this game has and what are the possibilities getting one?
  • Which unwanted cards should I get rid of first?
  • When an opponent is winning, should I play a word or an appropriate ZAP card to stop her from winning?

Gift your child WordHoo and see him/her grow. WordHoo is a thoughtful gift for kids, boys and girls.


Technical Details
Educational Objective(s) Numeracy, Literacy & Spatial Awareness
Number of Game Players 2-5
Batteries Required No
Color Yellow
Item Weight 150 g
Product Dimensions 9.4 x 2.5 x 11.8 cm
Item part number 1000
Manufacturer's Minimum Suggested Age (years) 7











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