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Quick overview:

PixelGraphy proposes to produce creative and professional school portraits of children & staff, from kindergarten to Graduation, with the flair and quality, keeping in mind the schools’ brand image. These child portraits will serve not only as charming prints for each child but also as memories of the child’s association with the school and also for the schools’ print / web marketing collaterals & branding requirements.

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Key Highlights
  • Photographs (portraits & groups) and Full-HD video of prime school events
  • Customizable Photography & Video story services.
  • Each photoshoot is meticulously planned and executed
  • Industry experts with hands-on experience in kids photography
  • Projects tailor-made to fit the time and venue of the school

  • Individual child portrait - soft copy & one print on archival/art paper
  • Innovatively produced class pictures & layout - one print on archival/art paper
  • Photographs (groups & portraits) and Full-HD video of the School’s Annual Day Celebration
  • Photographs of Sports Day
  • Year Book Services (End-to-End) – Photo shoot, Design and Printing
  • Slam Book designing and printing
  • Any other customizable Photography & Video stories services – For branding & Social Media
  • Customized photo merchandise for children

The creative team from Pixelgraphy are equally talented in handling children and are well qualified in kids photography, which during the school portraits session brings about a happy atmosphere that ensures to get the best out of the kids and enhances each of our child portraits. To that effect Pixelgraphy will work with the teachers (where necessary) to bring out the right expression from each child.

Most of the required props appropriate to the age group like hats, scarves, flowers, colorful furniture, games, etc. shall be provided by Pixelgraphy during the session for each child portraits.

The backgrounds, lights and props would be a part of our portable in-house studio setup within the school premises during the school portraits session.

Our time management and sequencing of each child portrait session will ensure minimal disruption to normal running of classes.

After each school portraits session, Pixelgraphy will choose the best amongst each child portrait and also use these portraits in creatively designing the class picture layout. Finally it would be printed on high quality archival/art paper, and each child gets to take back home two prints.

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