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OurSelfStudy - Online Mock Tests for High School

Quick overview:

OurSelfStudy provides a new approach to old-school learning, offering a convenient and simple test-preparation tool to students of class XI & XII. It provides chapter wise online practice mock tests for JEE Main, NEET, CET & Board Examination. It also provides online Test Series for these entrance examinations at the most affordable prices in the country.

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Key Highlights
  • 100+ Chapter-wise tests available for XI & XII Science students
  • 10,000+ Tests attempted
  • 100+ Institution learners enrolled
  • Mock Test Modules for JEE Main, CET & Enginerring and other entrance examinations
  • Monthly Progress Report for both the institute and parents

High School, specifically classes XI & XII, is crucial for children as its these two years that decide their career path. OurSelfStudy provides regular tests and analysis to help students of CBSE and other boards build confidence and evaluate their progress periodically. The online tests are designed chapter-wise to fit into the regular courses and examination patterns. The platform also offers online mock tests for several entrance examinations, inlcuding JEE Main, CET, NEET Medical, and others to help students prepare for the national competitive examinations.

  • Chapter-wise Tests Online
  • Create own question sets combining multiple chapters
  • Instant answer & result to build confidence for final exam
  • Chapter wise performance tracking for better focus
  • Monthly, quarterly & yearly tests for self assessment
  • Self analysis on a daily and weekly basis on preparation for the finals

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