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Personal Safety Device - Digital Watch

Quick overview:

  • The RelyEon Watch REPT201 is a wearable personal safety gps tracking devices technology device that is designed to appeal to kids.

  • They come in a variety of colours and creative looks.

  • They are both stylish and functional.

  • Parents can be aware at all times of their child's whereabouts with real-time location data that can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • A secure, portable GPS tracker.

  • Location data can be viewed on smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • SOS (Panic) Button for instant help.

  • Real-time tracking.

  • Water Resistant.

Rs 7,824 Price:
Rs 7,824 Price:
Rs 7,824 Price:

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  • Walking around alone in the middle of the night can be scary especially for women. It doesn't matter if you are walking home from a party or backpacking in an unfamiliar country or managing kids in your absence. A wearable technology device is your personal safety GPS tracking devices.
  • The RelyEon Watch REPT201 is designed smartly to cater to kids/your preferences. With real-time tracking as a key feature, the watch helps receive location data, with smartphone, tablets and PCs accessibility. Each piece has a secure and portable GPS tracker besides a SOS (Panic) button for immediate help. Also, the watch comes with an in-built battery, geo-fencing (5 boundaries) and GPS LBS Dual Mode positioning. GPS accuracy is < 20m.
  • It is enabled by voice monitoring; this trendy with square I shaped timepiece allows both a web-based software and Android App, capping the maximum logins at 3. The watch comes in a variety of colours and attractive looks, making them stylish yet functional.

The kit includes:

  • 1 smart watch.
  • 1 multi-language user manual.
  • 1 charging cable Battery life upto 3 days.

Additional Information

Dial Shape Square
Battery Life 11 to 13 hours
Strap Colour Blue, Pink
Brand No
Strap Material Rubber
Ideal For Kids
Seller Add Technology
Touch Screen No
Battery Capacity 500 mAh
Water Resistant Yes
Connectivity GSM, GPRS

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