About Us

Edyoo.com is an online marketplace for parents of children between the age groups of 4 to 18 years of age, for all Learning, Education, and Development related products and services.

Edyoo.com enables purchase of school-related merchandise such as uniforms, books, schoolbags, among others, at a click of the button from the comfort of a parent’s home. The platform is flexible and easy-to-use, ensuring parents enjoy a hassle-free experience and price transparency.

Edyoo also offers a host of value-added products and services such as EMI on school fees, health plans, insurance on education, personality assessment, edutainment and sports packages, hobby classes, and much more.

Edyoo is changing the face of education-commerce by helping parents in providing better learning opportunities to their children at affordable prices, enabling schools to focus on their core objective of imparting education, and assisting school suppliers in taking their business online and increasing their customer base.